a spiritual visit that calms


The property of Cîteaux has been set up to offer our day visitors a place of silence, of peace, of education and of beauty. During the celebrations for the 9th centenary of the foundation of the abbey, in 1998, a walking tour of certain historic buildings was opened to the public. In 2008, it was entirely refurbished to allow access for people with handicaps, to make the setting more attractive, and to indicate older buildings with road markings.


A land of silence where men keep their word

You who enter this place,
remember what it was for centuries
a land of silence where men keep their word.
For you who enter,
it is still the same today.
If you want to hear its message,
understand its history,
discover its mysterious secret,
stop babbling and take your time.
These woods, these stones,
these walls and this land,
these men present here
invite you to journey
to the best of your self.
Have you ever taken this path
where the whole world appears in its first freshness
new and pure
as water bubbling from a spring?
Have you ever thought of this spring leaping up
in the deepest place within,
unquenchable, joyous and fraternal?
For nine centuries,
Cîteaux and the whole Cistercian family
have been existing only to allow you entrance.
While strolling through these places,
listen with all your being
to the One who has found you before you sought him:
Love that flows in you,
endless and ever new.

Dom Olivier QUENARDEL, Abbot of Cîteaux