in the surrounding area…

Also near Cîteaux, you can find important Cistercian heritage. Until the Revolution, monks increased the value of the lands that surrounded them. Today Burgundy is rich from these centuries of work, patience, and ingenuity. Here are several ideas for going to explore near-by Cistercian places.

Monks influenced the evolution of the Burgundy ecosystem: they developed wine, contributing to its excellence, especially with the farm at Clos Vougeot. They developed agriculture by a system of farms worked by lay brothers and the setting up networks to distribute water: the Cent-Fons was a canal dug by the monks in the 12th century in order to bring water to the abbey. Today it is our oldest historic “construction.” A walking path along the banks will soon be open with several remarkable sites.

The monks have both made use of and showcased the forest of Cîteaux: the millennium forest, planted in 1998 in preparation for 2098, the millennium of Cîteaux’s foundation. Today, as yesterday, we are committed for the long term!

Take an exploratory walk along the fountain pond: one kilometer from the abbey, a path leads to an observatory where you can discover protected species of birds. The path is wheelchair accessible.

Other notable sites of Cistercian history:

  • abbey of Fontenay (Montbard-21), second foundation of Clairvaux
  • the birthplace of St. Bernard (Fontaine-lès-Dijon)
  • the site of the Grange de Saule (next to the abbey)
  • the bridge of Arvaux :a river that passes over another river!
  • the abbey of La Bussière (foundation of Cîteaux) in the Ouche valley
  • the chateau of Clos de Vougeot in the wine-growing region of Burgundy
  • the museum of Sacred Art and of Burgundian life in Dijon, former Cistercian monastery for women (formerly the abbey of Tart, founded by Stephen Harding, abbot of Cîteaux in 1125)
  • the museum of Fine Arts in Dijon
  • in Dijon, two former resting places for the Cistercian family: the little Citeaux, rue Condorcet
    and the cellar of Clairvaux, stopping place for the abbots on the way to the General Chapter