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The library

Finished in 1509, the library has on its cells for copyists on the ground floor and, on the second floor a large reading room. It is the only surviving example of a building housing the library with workshops for copyists.

On the first floor, the copyists’ cloister, built in 1260, was restored in 2001. It was a real workshop for making books and it remained one until the end of the 14th century. The monk copyists, illuminators, and binders worked in these cells. An exposition in these cells, designed by the Ateliers d’Or (Golden Workshops) Ecole Nationale de la reliure et des Arts graphiques (National School for Bookbinding and the Graphic Arts), shows the traditional technique of bookbinding, as it was practiced from the 12th to the 19th centuries. In the library proper, on the second floor, there is a display of old manuscripts from Cîteaux, currently in the municipal library of Dijon.

The Definitoire – permanent display
This building, built during the periods of Dom Jean Petit and Dom Nicolas Larcher was completed before 1699. It was conceived to receive a common novitiate for the Cistercian abbeys of the region and the Definitoire was built for the plenary gathering of abbots under the jurisdiction of Cîteaux during General Chapters. It preserves today a cloister walk and vaulted rooms on the first floor. 



 a film,
Cîteaux, a tree of life
History of yesterday and today, monastic life as told by the monks of Cîteaux
Length: about 22 minutes


Vidéo Abbaye Citeaux

Extract of the film – to see during your next visit to the abbey
Direction Dominique Davin
RegArt Films