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Fr. Olivier Quenardel abbot of Cîteaux


Cîteaux and the Cisterican communion

“Cîteaux is more than Cîteaux”. This slogan looks like an adage. What does it mean?
The existence of Cîteaux in its pure form would last only a few years. As soon as the “New Monastery” began to be established, that is to say as soon as the foundation of La Ferté (1113), Cîteaux became more than Cîteaux. Cîteaux remained the place of origin, and in this sense the foundation, but was not limited to the community living on this spot. Nine hundred years later, this seems to be even more accurate.
Yes, truly, Cîteaux is more than Cîteaux. The community experienced this all during the year of the 9th centenary in 1998.
Ten years later, the experience happily continues.



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Thomas Merton

Thomas Merton (1915-1968) was a writer, a Trappist religious and an American social reformer.
In 1941, he entered the American Trappist abbey of Gethsemani (Kentucky). From 1951 to 1955, he was master of students (young monks studying for the priesthood), then novice master. In 1965, he obtained from his abbot permission to live as a hermit on the property of the monastery..




Dom Godefroid Bélorgey
Father Godefroid  Belorgey (1880 - 1964) was a lieutenant in the 4th Cuirassier of Cambrain when, following an extraordinary grace about which he loved to talk, he was converted and entered the abbey of Scourmont, March 24 1910. He was for 12 years the novice master (1919-1932) and 12 years Prior before returning to his country of birth to become auxiliary abbot of Cîteaux.




Dom Bernardo Olivera
Dom Bernardo Olivera was born in Argentina in 1943. After his university studies, he entered the Trappist abbey of Azul. He completed his theological studies at the Catholic University of Argentina in Rome. He was novice master and abbot of his community before being elected Abbot General of the Order of the Cistercians of the Strict Observance (Trappists) in 1990.




Christian de Chergé
Fr. Christian de Chergé (1937-1996) was a French Trappist (OCSO). He was one of the seven monks of Tibhirine living in Algeria who were taken hostage and killed in 1996.




Rafaël Arnáiz-Barón
Rafaël Arnáiz Barón (1911 – 1938), was a Cistercian-Trappist oblate brother of the abbey of San Isidro de Dueñas in Spain.



Dom André Louf
(1929 - 2010) retired as abbot of Mont-des-Cats and lived as a hermit in Provence. Cistercian monk, author of many books on spirituality, Dom André Louf dies Monday, July 12, 2010, at 81 years of age.